Picturesque and Historic Place to Network
Spectacular Venue: Edmond J. Safra Lecture Theatre
Economical Accommodation
Great Hall: Networking and Refreshments Place

Terms and Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions are applied to all participants of this event, including speakers, sponsors and exhibitors. If you don’t understand or obey any of the terms or conditions, please provide a written statement at the time of registration or earlier.

1. Participation Confirmation: Participation in the event is only confirmed upon paying full registration fee unless otherwise exempted by the organizers (i.e. keynote speakers). All charges associated with the money transfer are to be met by the senders. For detail about the charges and refund, please see our “Cancellation Policy”.

2. Privacy: Personal information of all participants including name, postal address, email and contact details will remain in our database and may be used for advertisement purposes and marketing. Such information may be shared with other participant and may be included in the event documentation.

3. Photography: During the event, the photographer and our distributors will carry out both photo and video to be used on the event’s website as “post-event gallery” for promotional purposes. This material may also be used in any printed or electronic media for lawful purposes.

4. Changes in the Event: Due to any unforeseen reasons, especially beyond our control, the event may be cancelled. In this case, the maximum liability to refund shall be limited to 75% of the fees received by us at the time of booking, with no additional liability whatsoever to the event organisers and hosts in any capacity. We may also deduct any additional bank transfer fees associated with the refund. However, in case of change in the venue, all participants will be notified well in advance without any refund or compensation to the participants. It may also be the case to change the agenda but such changes will notified to the participants in advance.

5. Insurance: Event participants are responsible for taking appropriate insurance cover, including medical insurance, which should cover cancellations due to medical reasons, in connection with their attendance of the event. We are not liable for any kind of loss or damage to personal property, delegates or exhibitors.

6. Responsibility: We accept no responsibility on the views presented by the participants, correctness of the information, or infringement of third party right by the event delegate or any other participant, irrespective of country and law.

7. Information in Hand: For the convenience of the participants, we provide several useful links on our website. We are not responsible for the website contents, information or material presented which are being managed by the third parties.

8. Liability: We have the right to accept or reject a registration application without giving reasons and our decision shall be final. We also reserve the right to reject a previously accepted application without giving reasons and our decision shall be final.

9. Modification in Conditions: We reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions, prices or the contents of the website at any time without prior notice.

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