Event Title First Global Alliance for Research on Avian Diseases (GARAD) Conference
Session Title Unknown
Event Date & Time On Tue, 30 Jun 2015 at 14:25:00 - 14:50:00
Venue Edmond J. Safra Lecture Theatre
Abstract Title Evolution and epidemiology of Avian Reovirus: are recent outbreaks caused by new Reoviruses strains or are there another mechanisms involved
Authors Saskia Van de Zande
Affiliations 1Department R&D poultry, MSD Animal Health, 5830AA Boxmeer, The Netherlands
Abstract Content

Since 2011 a large number of outbreaks of tenosynovitis and increased mortality caused by avian Reovirus has been diagnosed in broiler flocks around the world. It has been suggested that new strains of Reoviruses, identified by sequencing sigma C protein, are causing the increased number of outbreaks. We have sequenced over 150 Reovirus isolates originating from poultry suffering from tenosynovitis, MAS and or increased mortality from 1984 till 2015. Together with data known from the literature more than 250 isolates were classified. The results show that a huge population of Reovirus variants is present. already since1971. Furthermore these data also show that much more variability is found (<50% identity) in the same lineage. In conclusion, since Reovirus strains currently causing severe outbreaks have been present in the field for decades, other mechanisms may be responsible for the actual disorders caused by Reovirus.