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Conference Hall
Conference Hall

This is a tentative programme (subject to change) for GARAD-18

Wednesday 17th January 2018

Time to be announced

Registration and Coffee

Welcome and Inauguration





Inaugural speech

Session-1: Evolution, Epidemiology and Pathogenesis

Session Chair




University of Wisconsin, USA and University of Tokyo, Japan



Venugopal Nair

The Pirbright Institute, UK

Global control of avian diseases: Challenges and opportunities


David Swayne

Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory, Georgia, USA

Reducing Zoonotic Infections from Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza through Poultry Vaccination and Changes in Poultry Slaughter Processes



Session Chair



Prof Aijian Qin

College of  Veterinary Medicine, Yangzhou, China

Identification and Characterization of New Subgroup K Avian Leukosis Virus


Harmois Alice

IDVet, France

New qPCR tool for a DIVA strategy to differentiate Mycoplasma synoviae field strain infected birds from MS1 vaccinated birds


Ian Brown

Animal and Plant Health Agency, UK

Continued challenges to global food security and veterinary public health from Avian Influenza






Round Table Group Discussion

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3


Refreshment/Poster viewing

Session Chair



Ken Inui

FAO, Vietnam

Molecular Epidemiology of Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza subtype H9 in Vietnam in 2017






Kirill Sharshov

Research Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine, Russia

Avian Influenza Surveillance: Reassortant Clade Avian Influenza H5N8 virus in Russia (2016-2017)


 Yongxiu Yao

 The Pirbright Institute

 Genome editing of avian herpesviruses for studying viral pathogenesis and developing recombinant vaccine


Drinks and poster


 END of DAY 1



Thursday 18th January 2018

Session-2: Vaccines, immunity and disease control strategies

Session Chair




Prof Fiona Tomley

Royal Veterinary College, UK

New approaches to the control of coccidial parasites in poultry


Abdul R Omar

Universiti Putra Malaysia

Progress and challenges in vaccination against Newcastle disease virus


Prof Tony Cass

Imperial College, London, UK

Aptamers in Bioanalysis:  a step towards strain-specific detection of animal pathogens


Dr Suresh Kuchipudi

Penn State University, USA



Refreshment/Poster viewing

Session Chair



Prof Jue Liu

Institute of Animal Husbanddry and Veterinary Medicine, Beijing, China

Pathogensis and control of avian metaneumovirus subgroup C infection in poultry


Prof  Munir Iqbal

The Pirbright Institute, UK

Avian influenza virus evolution: immune escape, increase in zoonotic potential and fitness in poultry


Mr Sabastien Deville


Comparison of adjuvant technologies for poultry vaccines


Dr Erica Bickerton

The Pirbright Institute, UK

Development of rationally attenuated live vaccines for effective control of infectious bronchitis






Lunch and (GARAD Advisory Board meeting/working lunch, invitation only)

Session Chair







Phoebe Stevenson-Leggett

The Pirbright Institute, UK

Generation of a recombinant coronavirus suggests that the S protein contributes to pathogenicity of infectious bronchitis infection


Prof Jonathan Rushton

University of Liverpool, UK



Helene Verheije

Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Recombinant live attenuated IBV vaccines with deletions in the accessory genes 3ab and/or 5ab protect against infectious bronchitis in chickens


Refreshment/Poster viewing


Social Event


Social Event


Conference Dinner


END of DAY 2


Friday 19th January 2018

Session-3: Host-pathogen interaction and Disease control strategies

Session Chair



Prof Dirk Pfeiffer

Royal Veterinary College, London and City University of Hong Kong

The interaction between birds, people and avian influenza


Dr Janet Daly

University of Nottingham, UK

Regulation of the phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase (PI3K-Akt) pathway in influenza A virus-infected avian cells


Dr Muhammad Munir

The Pirbright Institute, UK


Exploitation of Avian Innate Immunity To Confer Resistance Against Avian Viruses


Prof. Jae Yong Han

Seoul National University, South Korea



Refreshment/Poster viewing

Session Chair



Andrew Broadbent

The Pirbright Institute, UK

Differential gene expression in chicken primary B cells infected ex vivo with attenuated and very virulent strains of infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV).


Prof Jinhua Liu

China Agriculture University,  Beijing, China



Holly Shelton

The Pirbright Institute, UK

The Influenza A virus PB1-F2 protein attenuates pathogenicity yet enhances virus transmission in chickens via innate immune dysregulation


Prof. Jae Yong Han

Seoul National University, South Korea

Disease control strategies using PGC-mediated genome editing in avian species


Summary and concluding remarks and close of Conference



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