Conference Hall
Conference Hall
Conference Hall

GARAD Regional Advisors

Prof Ian Brown (UK)
Prof Helen Sang (UK)
Prof Fiona Tomley (UK)
Dr David Swayne (USA)
Dr Yannick Gardin (Poultry Industry)
Dr Rik Koopman (Poultry Industry)
Prof Clarice Arns (Brazil, South America)
Dr Xiaomei Wang (Asia, China)
Prof Abdul Omar (Asia, Malaysia)
Dr Khalid Naeem (Asia, Pakistan)
Dr To Long Thanh (Asia, Vietnam)
Dr Amir Noormohammadi (Australia)
Dr Mustafa Ababneh (Jordan, Middle East)
Prof Muhammad Shakal (Egypt, Africa)
Dr Halid Kirunda (Uganda, Africa)
Dr Jenny Chaparro-Gutiérrez (Columbia, South America)

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